Life Lessons

As I write children’s stories, not only do I strive to write the kind of books I like to read to my children (now grandchildren), I write stories that contain what I call “life lessons.” 

I am a bit of an advocate of “undercover learning”—influencing children in a very positive way but having an enjoyable time while doing it. Reading a story that enforces principles like how invaluable you are to God, how “disaster” can be used for good for God’s child, and how older adults can be treated with dignity is a wonderful way to change a child’s heart and mind.

Here are some of the “life lessons” I’ve incorporated into my books:

Lesson #1

You are more valuable to God than little birdies even though God watches over them with loving care.

“Not one little bird falls to the ground without your Heavenly Father knowing all about it… Matthew 10:29”   --  FLITTY, TWITTY AND ITTY BITTY



Lesson #2

God gives us all unique and unexpected talents to use for His glory and for the good of others.

“Papa and Mama noticed something very strange…Twitty just couldn’t sing!...” Twitty did have other abilities, however, that saved the whole family! – TWITTY’S OWN SONG



Lesson #3 

What appears to us as “disaster” can turn into something wonderful and amazing!

“Right then Flit realized that had he not spent the winter in Bethlehem, he would never have known about the special baby born there.” – THE CHIRSTMAS BIRDIE



Lesson #4 

Even though physical and mental disabilities prove challenging, they do not diminish the value of a person to us or to God.

“Now you might think Jon and Jenni would have been a sad pair with such a mixed up bunch of puppies. But just the opposite was true. They were the proudest and happiest parents in all the land.” – A VERY SPECIAL FAMILY

Based on a Truly Special Family... Meet the Millets!



Lesson #5

Older people in our lives should be valued and honored, not belittled and ignored.

“ ‘Why, they do care,’ Theodore thought to himself and his mouth gradually curled into a great big grin!” -- THEODORE